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Kinkeliba, Mint, Dute Gambie Extra Blend Tea

Kinkeliba, Mint, Dute Gambie Extra Blend Tea

Detox & Digestive Range
100 % Natural - Nature's benefits from Africa

Kinkeliba, Mint & Dute Gambie "Extra Blend" Herbal Tea
Body-Mind relaxation : Kinkeliba(sekëw) and Duté blends are specially formulated by EcoPeace for their combined healing properties. Sekëw (combretum micranthum) as a detox, Duté (lippia chevalieri) as a diuretic, work in synergy, easing digestion and eliminating excess fluids; just what is needed after fatty meals and parties. Sekëw, known as longevity tea in Senegal, is said to be useful in slimming diets and Duté to combat fatigue. Their combination with mint acts as an excellent digestive aid.
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