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A return to the earth

"We need to introduce people to a new kind relationship with the earth which is not focused on profit so that they can become actors of their own development." Sheikh Aly N'Daw

Bayouf Pout, where the EcoPeace farm is located, is a village situated in one of Senegal's best mango producing zones, located in the region of Niayes, about 50 km from the capital Dakar. 


In 2006, Sheikh Aly N'Daw, the founder of EcoPeace moved from Dakar, the capital city of Senegal, to Bayouf Pout with a simple but revolutionary vision: return to the earth to build an alternative model of society based on the principles of non-violence. The farm was in the remote bushlands of the country and in a wild condition. Locals advised Sheikh Aly to leave as, in their opinion, no good would come out of this land.


Today, the EcoPeace farm is a vibrant and dynamic place, producing between 15 and 20 tons of mangoes every year. These naturally-grown mangoes, now certified organic, are exported to the UK and France since 2012, with the aim of promoting this new socio-economic alternative in Europe. The motto of the EcoPeace Mango Campaign is "Quality for All". It is a campaign that started locally in Senegal and which is still ongoing there. Because these quality organic mangoes are as much destined to Europeans as they are to the local populations. 


Besides mangoes, the farm produces a wide and varied range of organic fruits and vegetables which are sold on the local markets in Senegal. The farm has also developed its own processing unit where it produces herbal teas and dietary supplements, syrups and nectars, jams and marmalades, candies and confectionaries, all made from local plants, fruits, flowers and herbs. Through these economic activities, EcoPeace aims to bring the locals to recognise and make better use of the natural resources of their land.   




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EcoPeace is promoted in the UK by the International Sufi School, Registered Charity in England and Wales No. 1076409 © 2018    



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