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Our Ethos: Quality for All !







Every economic activity is an opportunity to make the local population aware that they deserve the best produce of their land for their own health and well-being. An economy of conscience can only flourish when the local people rediscover their inner dignity and rebuild their self-esteem to become actors of their own development.


Guaranteed quality and freshness


Back to the earth also means back to natural farming practices. For the guaranteed quality and freshness of our mangoes, we use a watering technique to advance harvest and increase mango production. Our mangoes are harvested 2 to 3 days before being airfreighted to Europe, compared to the widespread practice of harvesting 3 weeks in advance when sea freighted.


Ecological and sustainable practices


EcoPeace is committed to sustainable production and conscious trading standards. All the steps of the production process are controlled to ensure high quality produce, suitable for local consumption and export.


The production process includes :

  • respecting the environment

  • respecting nature's pace

  • producing our own compost

  • using natural treatment methods

  • improving soil quality through crop rotation


Organic certification


EcoPeace mangoes are now certified organic for the European Market.

"Wish onto others what you would like others to wish onto you. Such is the basic principle of an economy of conscience. No man is to profit off another man's labour. No man is more deserving of quality than any other man."  






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EcoPeace is promoted in the UK by the International Sufi School, Registered Charity in England and Wales No. 1076409 © 2018    

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