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About EcoPeace

EcoPeace is an alternative socio-economic movement founded in 2006 by Sheikh Aly N’Daw, head of the International Sufi School, an international NGO and UK Charity promoting peace and service. It is based on the universal principles of nonviolence and aims to promote a more conscientious economic model where the human being, and not profit, is the focus of all initiatives towards peacebuilding, socio-economic justice, regenerative farming and environment protection.

About EcoPeace

The EcoPeace farm is situated in Pout peace village. It is about 10 hectares of land covered with 700 to 800 mango trees. As a pilot project started in the Senegalese bushland, it is a long-term objective to create similar projects around the world.

Our method: return to the earth

To develop an alternative socio-economic model, we have to start at the source: the Earth! In contact with the most basic economic activity, one reconnects with the essence of one's own potential: our human capital

A unique project

Use an alternative principle, nonviolence, to establish an alternative socio-economic model of society, where the human being, his environment, his health and well-being come first!


Our objectives

Ensure biodiversity by providing a diversified agriculture with local fruits and traditional plants in season. Since 2012, EcoPeace  produces, transforms and exports fruits from its farm, along with food supplements and other natural produce all handcrafted on site.

Our values

Nonviolence, conscious trading, sustainability, socio-economic justice, traditional natural agriculture. But first of all: self transformation.  "Be the change you want to see." Gandhi

Our inspiration

Peacemakers from all over the world who have been able to create innovative solutions to the socio-economic injustices of their time: M.K Gandhi, Wangari Maathai, William Penn, Muhammad Yunus, Nelson Mandela, Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba amongst others.





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EcoPeace is promoted in the UK by the International Sufi School, Registered Charity in England and Wales No. 1076409 © 2018    

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